Monday, 31 May 2010

Semester Breaks...Finally =)

안녕하세요 and assalamualaikum...

Im very happy nowdays because the semester breaks had just begun..hehehehe =) is the perfect time for me to release my stress during the study and the exam weeks of course..I've finished the last exam -OSCE- on wednesday and that nite..i'm already at home..hehe..and the holiday begin..hahahaha....yeah.. =)

Last saturday, Along Piah n me went to JB to attend wedding ceremony at is hmm our unknown cousin we've planned to stay at JB until the next day -Sunday-...alang2 tu...I ask all my ex-schoolmate to gather together gether..hehe..but hmm well...hahaha..I probably know about them all...there were lots of excuses that I have already know earlier that they would give to at last...I'm hanging out with Shakina, Sawfy n Ridhwan...yup..just 4 of us..and we had a great time battling for bowling game..hehe

BElow:  some pictures that I've snap during the bowling tournament..haha..and the very diligent clever smart cute girl studying..hahaha =B


This is hehehe..saranghae johahae =)

Ex Schoolmate Impian Emas , Jb =)

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