Tuesday, 22 February 2011

SS3 Malaysia- vdeo promo- =B


this morning..I've got tagged in Fb for the video promo of SS3..hwaiting~
can't wait for 19March2011..
I wonder what should I wear during the concert??????
haha..I've started my project last nite...hopefully I'll be able to give them the'cute little things' ;p

I'm highly motivated eventhough I have to get through this management posting..huhu..
think positive.. =) bcause I can do it!!!

Assalam *anticipating*

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Oh my..SS3.. =B anticipating


Annyeong haseyo beloved Elf's and Super Junior

whoaa...suddenly I felt very lucky..just because my seat for SS3 was at row B4 U19..We thought that we're gonna be seating at the last row (from back)...hihihi...together with my housemate and junior..B1-5...hehe...eventhough we missed the chance of getting L19 and L7..we don't expect that the ELF's will buy the U7,U19 seat..because it's partial restricted view...huhu

Planning for a about a week...Went to Sg Wang on Friday night just because to study a little bit about Sg Wang insight...and totally..I'm fail without pure KL citizens tourist instructor :Ila n Sarah...jebal..lost way..wowowo...try to find the most short-cut way to the greenbox...hoho..but coincidently found the workers lift..haha..we're safe now...haha...happy after found the lift eventhough it's quite scary and smelly..hahaha....the stomach starts to grumbling...so we decided to take dinner at McD's Bukit Bintang....1st time ever walking through Bukit Bintang road...hahaha....that night...after went through 8am-11pm pack days...zZZzzZz

Early in the morning..haha..not so early actually...6.30 am...early for the Saturday day..hehe...perform solat..take shower..breakfast last night meal..-1/2 of prosperity burger- (actually last nite-friday- I only ate Fries..haha)... anticipated : the time that I'm waiting for..~Sg wang~ here I come..!!!!..Pakcik Taxi took 4 of us to the Sungei Wang..haha...

1st thing we do...find the nearest lift..which is located near to the main door for T-Hop..the lift door opened and......whoaaaa...lots of Elf's queuing in front of the Main door..and the lift door was totally blocked...
So...for the plan B : accompany 2 of Dila's classmate to withdraw their cash...and find the workers lift...hehe...Surprised..in front of us queuing is our super junior..I mean that she's our 1st year junior in PPukm..haha..I am super senior now..hehe...she's and her friend came to Sg wang at 5am...I bet they're really frustrated because we came late but we line up behind them......hmm...

So at 9.++am..the door to greenbox opened..whoaa..really excited...the heart pumping fast...haha...wishing that we could get the best seat ever...hehe..but with the queuing system...not so terrible..but not really systematic..make us sooooo frustrated...after line up nearly 5 hours..and the stomach starts to grumbling making free drum and violin sound...hoho...people whose came late than us..was given a chance ( I don't know chance or..whatever)..line up infront if us...hohohoho...really mad with that situations...wowowo...

Around 1pm..finally...we line up infront of the counter....fuhhh...5 hours tuu queuing with other Elf's...finally got the tix with the help from our super juniors and my housemate..tq tq very much.....eventhough it's not the seat that we're expecting for...but it's better than got nothing after queuing for such a long timee...


After squeezing the energy to line up..hahaha..we refill the energy at Kfc..haha...but I only bought the set jimat haha...saving for my future after wasting nearly 230.00 to buy the tix..hahaha....not wasting actually..but giving extra motivation for me to prepare extra hard for this final year.....weeeee~

So..whose with us..seating at U19...?????
any special plan from U19 block...??????hihihi...
I've already got my plan for Suju's sonmull... =B

Nite nite every one...Study study study...
*anticipating with high motivated of me*

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Please..Wear Hijab Properly..

~  Assalamualaikum everyone and a very good afternoon  ~

So..Today is 12Rabiulawal 1432 and thats mean it is the day of birth of our Prophet Nabi Muhammad S.A.W..Lets us selawat to our beloved Prophet's..

Remember!!..the one that will save us during our akhirat days is our Nabi Muhammad S.A.W..the one who will give us syafaat.. InsyaAllah..

And for the topic that I've written above is about... Hijab..

Lets us watch this vdeo..

Hmmm..what do you think after watching this video..
I think I was called to remind and advising others and including myself.. 
Eventhough I know and I'm realize that I'm not perfect enough to criticize others..Hmm..
So..for the first Q..
Do you think..you have cover the parts that you should cover..and is't enough for you too cover only at the hair part??
Think again...

I'm not that good actually in wearing hijab(tudung/scarf/shawl) ..and I admit it..
But I've tried my best to cover the chest part..especially when I'm wearing the 'tudung keras'..whose have wear it..knows about it...
It will adhere to the 'whose wearing it' body (as it is so light)...as the wind blows on it......so..you need to pin it on both of your shoulder ( not on the shoulder but pinned it on your shirt or whatever you're wearing it.. =)) and make it waving..ohh I don't know how to describe it..but it will looks like a curtains..hehe...

Without doing that...you're absolutely have exposed your chest shape...and you know...it is same as you're not wearing the tudung...The chest...as we all knows..it is the most sensitive and censored part for woman and ladies...So..don't easily expose it ..By exposing it.. definitely both...man and woman would receive SIN..and so on for those who are not reprimand the one whose doing that thing....hmmmm...

And same goes if you're wearing the tudung..but..you're wearing short-sleeves shirt..or you wear transparent outfit...or you're wearing fit and tight outfit..or even when your snapping a pic (especially on the beach)with your slack folded upon your tights...

Hmmm....Muhasabah..this is all for my goodness and for all ladies and woman out there for their goodness...

And don't forgot too put on your socks!! =)

Assalam.. ;)

I'm not perfect enough..but I'm still think positively...I can change and I can do it..

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Excited ^^

And Good morning for everyone...
nice sunny day is't =)

Recently ... I'm in luv for this interesting and exciting and fascinating hobby...it develops again (I mean bfore this I really likes to create things with this thing) after I finish watching BOF last year.....the idea always came to me to produce something unique by using it....

So I bought this thing at the nearest shop in my house area...haha..Some of them hmm laughing at me bcoz they say I'm playing kids toys...but I think this special thing helps me to be more creative and imaginative and productive...until now I have produce 3 things using thing that I bought last year..

May be this hobby will be my part time job if I really serious to involve in business world..I know..it is not commercial yet..so I can take this precious chance to success.. ;) and commercialize it heheehe...wish me luck..I'm waiting for the supplier mail and I'm very excited .................................

P/s : it is not MLM scheme..so don't be afraid to buy the products that I'm planning to sell... looking forward =)

Saturday, 12 February 2011

~ Childhood songs ~


Today..my post is related to my childhood life....hehe..and I missed so much during that time...If the time can be repeated and change....absolutely, I'll choose to comeback to my childhood days...happy days..imaginative days...no problem days....mafi musykilah.. ;)

Songs that I usually sang when I'm in a good mood...hehe

Si tatak tatak..
Si tatak bole
*Punggung punggung pasti kita boleh...

*Buttocks..wahaha.. ;)  

Actually...the real and original version is.. 

Siapa kata
Kita tak boleh
*Sungguh-sungguh pasti kita boleh

*put some effort

Other songs are :

Umbrelelelele umbrella

Until now I only know how to sang that part only...
My teachers in Brentnall Primary School, Manchaster may be have taught me a lot with the song...but I only memorize that part only.. ;)

I used to call my Kindergarten teachers -Mrs Sekwell and also Cikgu Nenek......hehehe...Mrs Sekwell ori name is Maxwell...hahaha...howcome both of teachers name turns up side down...The answer is because I'm soo imaginative during that days...hihihihi

Because I'm too imaginative....I thought the bicycle have turn into a DINOSOURRrrr...arrrr.. ..hahaha...actually..its is only a dream....but I thought it was happened in a real life..kakakkaaka.. =B

Hot Cross Bun

Hot cross bun
hot cross bun
1 or penny 2 or penny 
hot cross bun
If you had no daughter 
Give them to your son
1 or penny two or penny
Hot cross bun
Hot cross bun ;)


If I'm not in a good mood..I mean..bad mood...
I like to walk behind my parents and start to walking slowly..very very ..really really slow..I'll try to make myself disappeared from their views...Brave of me..I'm so brave..and naughty..haha

Once..my sister found my mom lipstick..red in colour...hehehe..she then broke up the lipstick into 2 pieces..one she gave it to me...and we start to drawing on a paper...and the results is..until now..my mom didn't buy or put on lipstick or lipbalm or things related to lips...hehhehehehe....

Sorry umi for being too naughty....

Hehehe..that's all for tonite....
Just wanna start to draft my nursing process......feel so lazy...

Assalamualaikum... ;)

My childhood pics ;)
and I'm the small one..kekekkee

Monday, 7 February 2011

SS3 in Malaysia =)

Annyeong haseyo Super Junior..
내가 Itsmenoni 해요  
사랑해요  슈퍼주니어 항상

Whoaa..I'm getting excited with the newest..latest announcement from RITS -running into the sun- the organizer for SS3 in Malaysia...I'm following them via Twitter..but I can't follow them through Fb..sucks..only waiting for the ticket price and seat..hohoho......

I've take a look on S'pore SS3 concert and hmm...the price are quite expensive especially for students like me...Just wandering...hmm should I buy the ticket or not...it is cost nearly Rm500.....hohoho...with Rm500 I think I can buy lots of things which is very important to me or  should I kept it for loaning house or car in future...

Should I buy it or not.......arghhh..I'm in dilemma ...what should I do now.... ;( or should I go to the Super Show when I'm already working and have my own salary...whohohoh...haha.....I think I rather went to Korea by AirAsia with the Rm500 then buying the tix..hehehe....

This is the seat for SS2 in Malaysia.....last year it was organized by RedStar...and the price is quite lower than Rits price...hopefully the price will be getting lower this year...maybe rm300++-rm350 only ???hehe..who knows ?? ;?

This was the seat arrangement for SS3 in Spore...I think the Singapore tix price is quite ok with the Singaporian..
 The tix price worth $208 and it is about Rm49+.++ something....whoaa too expensive for me.....Eventhough they (super Junior) was my biased...but...too expensive....!!.. ahhh...*fainted*

But  still Saranghae Super Junior <3


Friday, 4 February 2011

OH Yeah!!!

Oh Yeah!!!!!...
Assalamualaikum W.B.T

This week...yeah..cinja...I felt very happy...hahaha....there's are lots of reason to answering this questions....it is all started on 31 January 2011..-Monday-..

Drove umi's car to Jusco Bandaraya...bring back something special for umi and celebrates umi's birthday for the 2nd time...hehe...

Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream cake....sooo yummy..tasty and delicious..finger liking... ;)

and For the 1st time...hehe...I drove Nazaria mpv..eventhough it's only a few centimetres away from my house..kikikikiki....but still I'm satisfied with my new skill.....hahaha....
and last day...we went to Kelana Jaya to attend my father-cousin- wedding ceremony..and it's quite unique because it was held on Thursday....Lunar New Year....


Convoy with my big family...from south of Malaysia to Klana Jaya...

And this nite....my cousin are getting married...I feel happy for her...and congratulations on your wedding... ;)

btw...I'm Lee Joon Mblaq admirer...hehhehe


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Stay healthy..lose weight ;)

Loss weight and have a great body figure...OR Loss a little bit of weight with normal BMI??


Hmm..I know during my CNY/Lunar break would be a perfect time for me to gain more weight....yeahhh.....hohoho..instead of losing some weight.....(I should lose more weight though!!!).....and just a few seconds ago..my brothers ask me to join their outdoor activities..their planning to jogging at the lake park a few meters away from my house...hmphmm...it's already 6.30pm dear.....just a few minutes before maghrib dear my beloved bro........huhuhu...lain kali bole jee...hehe

Hmm...Actually..I'm trying to targeting my ideal body weight.....but I almost forgot about my BMI calculations ...may be I'm too obsess to lose weight...hehe...And you know..I prefer too read books relating to how to lose weight.. technique to lose some weight ......hmm...healthy and less carbo diet that I should concern...hm..exercises....and so on....

As a girl....you know..We're all concern a lot about body weight..body figure..for me BMI is not necessary...as long as I can fit my old shirt and bju kurung..hehe...and I don't really know my real purpose to lose more weight as my BMI calculation shows I'm in normal range....hohoho..I'm just fit and healthy...no obese symptoms...but may be my figure was not slim enough...hehe.. *shy* ...and I'm not tall enough to accommodate with my weight..hehe..yes..I'm very addicted to Korean girls celebrity figure...just nice..and just perfect...I wanna be one of themm....huh.. ^^

Things that I've been trying lately..(hm..actually I've started to drink apple cider since 2008..hehe)..are apple cider...brown and half-boiled rice..brown sugar..low fat milk..no carbonated drinks..Koka (no msg in an instant noodles)..and also lots of orange mandarin (hehe..maybe only during Lunar year)...dark chocolates..Still not enough????....

I'm still working on my regular exercise..which are jogging and swimming..and also I prefer dancing...to Bonamana song...still working on other Korean dance...hehehe...

But I can't trick myself especially when I have signals of..girls month you know...I'll eat a lot stuff..and by that time I really like to chewing something which is really tasty...hohoho...and I know..fats(adipose tissue) that gathers from the foods was really hard to remove by the body.....hmmm...during that girls month..huhu...
And also I don't want to fasting just because I wanna lose some weight.....hoho...

Hehehe...maybe I should lose weight but in a more proper period...hihi..I don't want my BMI became under weight nor overweight...it should be normal just like nowdays....hopefully  =)

This is an articles from allKpop that I've found through Googling......may it can gives some benefits for me and for all whose having weight problem....

The heights and weights of girl groups

Girl groups have undergone many changes since they first appeared in the music industry. Formerly known for their fantasy-like and unapproachable image, girl groups these days seem unafraid to bare all, as many are the driving forces behind variety programs. Their witty commentary and honest confessions have earned them countless headlines.
In those cases where they confess, what is the thing that is most often confessed by girl groups?  Well, girl groups almost always confess their height and weight on variety shows, adding and subtracting from reality to fit the situation. Newsen and Sports Seoul recently surveyed the heights and weights of ten girl groups to get a closer look behind the screen.
SNSDKARA, and f(x) were excluded from the survey, as their information was not listed in portals.
#1. What are the stats of the first generation idols?
S.E.S hold an average height of 161.3 cm, but Fin.K.L is taller by 7 cm, standing at an average of 168.5 cm. S.E.S also weighs an average of 49.5 kg, while Fin.K.L weighs 3 kg more at 52.5 kg.
The members weighing the least are S.E.S’s Shoo at 44 kg, and Fin.K.L’s Sung Yuri at 45 kg.
#2. Who is the tallest amongst the second generation idols?
First goes to none other than After School, standing at an average of 168.375 cm with their long, slender bodies. Rainbow comes in at second with an average of 165 cm, and 4minute in third with 164.6 cm.
UEE and Nana are the two tallest members of After School, standing at 171 cm. The rest of the members have similar heights, while Raina is the shortest at 166 cm.
The shortest group are the Brown Eyed Girls, standing at an average of 160.75 cm and weighing in at 45.5 kg. Secret came in second at 161.5 cm and weighing in at 45.2 kg.
Those in the 163 cm average category include T-ara (163.6 cm), the Wonder Girls (163.8 cm), andmiss A (163.7 cm).

#3. Which girl group is the lightest?
The members of 2NE1 are the lightest with a group average of 43.5 kg. They stand at 162.5 cm tall.Dara is the lightest member among all the girl groups, weighing in at 40 kg.
After School averaged 48 kg, with Secret following at 45.2 kg, the Wonder Girls at 45.2 kg, Davichi at 45.5 kg, and miss A at 45.7 kg.
#4. All of the girl groups are underweight!
Celebrities are often seen making statements such as, “I look heavier on screen than I do in real life.”
When put through the BMI calculations though, results revealed that all of the girl groups were underweight. Using 18.5~23 as the healthy range, the Brown Eyed Girls came closest to being “healthy” with a BMI of 17.61.
Secret followed with 17.35, 4minute with 17.13, miss A with 17.06, After School with 17.06, the Wonder Girls with 16.85, Davichi with 16.71, 2NE1 with 16.47, and T-ara with 16.36.
The most underweight of all was Rainbow with a BMI of 16.11.
Source + Photos: Newsen, Sports Seoul

But I think...right after reading through the article above...I should't be like themm...it's okay for having a normal BMI eventhough no body figure....just stay fit and healthy....increase stamina...reduce cholesterol level...and I'll be happy for that... ;)...be MYSELf and be YOURSELF....