Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Please..Wear Hijab Properly..

~  Assalamualaikum everyone and a very good afternoon  ~

So..Today is 12Rabiulawal 1432 and thats mean it is the day of birth of our Prophet Nabi Muhammad S.A.W..Lets us selawat to our beloved Prophet's..

Remember!!..the one that will save us during our akhirat days is our Nabi Muhammad S.A.W..the one who will give us syafaat.. InsyaAllah..

And for the topic that I've written above is about... Hijab..

Lets us watch this vdeo..

Hmmm..what do you think after watching this video..
I think I was called to remind and advising others and including myself.. 
Eventhough I know and I'm realize that I'm not perfect enough to criticize others..Hmm..
So..for the first Q..
Do you think..you have cover the parts that you should cover..and is't enough for you too cover only at the hair part??
Think again...

I'm not that good actually in wearing hijab(tudung/scarf/shawl) ..and I admit it..
But I've tried my best to cover the chest part..especially when I'm wearing the 'tudung keras'..whose have wear it..knows about it...
It will adhere to the 'whose wearing it' body (as it is so light)...as the wind blows on it......so..you need to pin it on both of your shoulder ( not on the shoulder but pinned it on your shirt or whatever you're wearing it.. =)) and make it waving..ohh I don't know how to describe it..but it will looks like a curtains..hehe...

Without doing that...you're absolutely have exposed your chest shape...and you know...it is same as you're not wearing the tudung...The chest...as we all knows..it is the most sensitive and censored part for woman and ladies...So..don't easily expose it ..By exposing it.. definitely both...man and woman would receive SIN..and so on for those who are not reprimand the one whose doing that thing....hmmmm...

And same goes if you're wearing the tudung..but..you're wearing short-sleeves shirt..or you wear transparent outfit...or you're wearing fit and tight outfit..or even when your snapping a pic (especially on the beach)with your slack folded upon your tights...

Hmmm....Muhasabah..this is all for my goodness and for all ladies and woman out there for their goodness...

And don't forgot too put on your socks!! =)

Assalam.. ;)

I'm not perfect enough..but I'm still think positively...I can change and I can do it..


  1. A very useful post, dear sister. JazakAllahukhair for sharing! =)

  2. Thanks.^^..hopefully wherever I go..wherever I went I'll always give more attention regarding to aurat~ ;)