Thursday, 29 April 2010

From now on... ;)

Hehehehe...assalamualaikum...actually...I'm addicted to Suju's..very much..addicted..since I bought this new headphone..Sonicgear always placed on top of my head and the song that I prefer to hear every day and in every minutes until in every seconds is Suju's songs...=)..Suju? It is Super Junior anyway..hehe..although I don't know what there are doing right now..hehehe..but I very like their music, their koreography as well and also their style..hehe...

This Opaq & also this smart sonic gear headphone will always be the special 1 in my Laman Midah House..hehe..and also Suju's..haha..Now I'm listening to It's You song..sukke sgt..Hangeng..haha..Well..for the past 2 weeks I was  posting in ward surgery 3(urology) and also surgery 5 (ophtal)...and tomorrow would be my last day in the surgery 7 ward which is under E.n.t unit..and the final exam is just around the corner..just finished 1st paper this afternoon..hohoh...but..I still can relax relax je watching suju's through u-tube..hehe..they are so funny....laughing hilariously...hahahahahaha...=)) is only to release my pressure because study zt subject to hard..hehe..

there's about 5 subjects more to study ...way to go...then my pimples will grow lots more and bigger and larger...well I knew that..hahahaha..then I would get a backache and also foot sore because prolong sitting on the chair and my feet on the floor...ooh..(Don't Don..lalalala¬).......

but from now on..I'm gonna study harder than the previous and last semester...gonna get 3 pointer and that I can continue my degree study earlier...rite? ;) dwenayo..igu sarami mando gongayo....(Cooking cute song ever...hehehe..

From now on...I gonna use cleanser from kedai badan..hehehe actually the body shop cleanser to clean my face because it seems to be so effective..hehe..although you know..the price is..tuuuttt...hehe............

From now on...I..hmm...onke ar...thats all...hehehe...lots more work to do..need to settle down the assignmnent soon as possible..hehe..onke donke ;) ..nite n gud luck for me n all my beloved friend and family..

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Owl ;)

Nite NITE =)

I've just finish printing my last assignment for class in Endocrine from now on I can focus on my clinical practice and also others subject especially Zt..the exam is only around the corner..and I think better to start study early..=) I'm in Surgery 3 ward which is under urology..and this morning my friends and I doing LO for patient...hmm..dressing..and eccetra...I'm listening to Super Girl and It's you sonsg by Super Junior M..hehe..wee¬ =)

I've just started to watch my love Patzzi..woo...if I can get it through my life like the drama..its so wonderful and lawak..hehehe... =) ...yes..I'm waiting for someone to approve my request to be friend with...but I think The Human is rejecting me..hohoho...eleh..kwn pon slh ke..kecoo...aperdaaa...hehehe..maybe the human is too demand..hoHH!!

By the way..these are few pictures that I've upload for cuci2 mate...hehehe =) eye irrigation kot...

I'm Hangeng admirer...hehehe ;)

Just watch 2 dvd je..hehehe

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

More things today =)

I've just downloaded super junior m video clips..My Girl and It's You..yup..and I very like it..thumbs up for super junior...hehehe..although it is almost a year the video clip was posted in youtube but today I succeed to download it..hehehe..I like this kind of music and also I like their group style.. =) ..
Well...this are the pic that I've edited yesterday.. hee ;)

lalala¬ =)

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Some Pictures =)

When 3 friends meet..hehehe... =)

Our table...8 human sharing foods for dinner...hehehehe...hypoglycemia.. =]
Friends of 4.. =)

=) Compaqku Presario

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Sharing happiness with bloggers =)

Alhamdulillah....maybe this is my rezeki for receiving this precious thing from abah n umi....shukran and tenqiu =) ...for a long time (actually only about 2 years ago) I received my first laptop...Dell Latitude..and I'm very happy...because this thing no one can buy it at price about rm100 or ++..kan??? and I have no money at all to buy the Latitude...

I make Latitude like my bff...I treated it well..I also bought a new bed for him..Golla Bag Protection..I'll take Latitude back to my house on weekend..and I never left Latitude alone at my hostel home (which is in Laman Midah)..until it started to make some problem..kojap kojap hang.......=( ...but I knew that I can't afford to buy new'll take him to the PC clinic which is either Stygix or at Taman Cempaka, Melaka...

By the time I was choose to be the Audio Director while I'm in Theater Production...Romanticonurse for 2semester..but the problem is......he like to make me feel mad...because he like to moody moody when I'm in urgent time...huhuhhuhuh...sory Lat..ngompat lak..hehehe...=)..then ....I started to collect my own money to buy a new laptop..hehehe...but until to day....x cukup cukup....adoii...hehe...what a shame thing ever happened to me..hehe...

but a few weeks ago...while eating breakfast at Kazema's Cafe..I received a message ..and the message was from my mom..after I'd read the message..I just smiling until I'd finish my class that day.. =)..and I started to surveying something on the internet....the clue is Intel Duo Core...........and to day at last...The Compaq Presario CQ42-177Tx with Intel i5 Core mine. =) ....actually it is last minute planning because I prefer to buy Toshiba Satellite with Intel Duo Core bcoz I had usha it about 2 weeks ago..but with my abah's advice..I beli jugak this Cute Little Presario...and now it is mine... =))

sorry no pic because I don't know how to use bluetooth device...hehehe...

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Friend and friends..

Well assalamualaikum and also a very good me..myself while singing lady gaga's
song would like to update my blog and share a few things about what i'm thinking about a few weeks ago until today....and it is all about friends... =)

I like to be someone's friend and I like to have lots of friends.. but I like friends who respect me as a friends a human a muslim...and as a girl..Many of my friends especially the girls know how to interact with their girl friends...BUT the boys didn't.

From my past experience...this story begins when my friends...bff..introduced me with her friends..she knows him while she was practical in his college in south of Malaysia..the guy knows me because of my profile pic in myspace...and he asked my friend to give him my cnct no.....and...she does..she gave him my cnct no and he started to call me all the time.......huh...

He then also started to text me whenever he wanted to do the early morning and also in the middle of the nite...hohohoho.....and also force me to send my pic via mms.....hoh...he thinks i'm What???a little kids??opss sorry ..coz you have choose the wrong person to be friend with...i think he's toooo desperate to have a girlfriend...hoho...i mean a special one..

And also i didn't prefer to be friend with someone whose like to call(phone call) people randomly..and then..ask for forgiveness coz had call the wrong person..oldskol tactic...hoh..

I prefer to be friend with person who are sincerely to be my friends not because I'm pretty...(hehehe...peghasan tol)..not because I'm smart (lg laa..hahaha)...not because I'm rich person..not because I have a slim body shape ( heheheehe..marah farahim)... =) ...but only because they really want me to be their forever friend...that's what I meant to my bff ; Ila.Yat.Frhim.Zani..Deela..

Friends are friends... special friends are special friends...friends forever....???hard to find it..

P/s: Maybe it is a little bit too late for me to find my special friend......hehe..but someday I'll knew he will come for me..hehehe..prince charming..hehe =)