Thursday, 15 April 2010

Owl ;)

Nite NITE =)

I've just finish printing my last assignment for class in Endocrine from now on I can focus on my clinical practice and also others subject especially Zt..the exam is only around the corner..and I think better to start study early..=) I'm in Surgery 3 ward which is under urology..and this morning my friends and I doing LO for patient...hmm..dressing..and eccetra...I'm listening to Super Girl and It's you sonsg by Super Junior M..hehe..wee¬ =)

I've just started to watch my love Patzzi..woo...if I can get it through my life like the drama..its so wonderful and lawak..hehehe... =) ...yes..I'm waiting for someone to approve my request to be friend with...but I think The Human is rejecting me..hohoho...eleh..kwn pon slh ke..kecoo...aperdaaa...hehehe..maybe the human is too demand..hoHH!!

By the way..these are few pictures that I've upload for cuci2 mate...hehehe =) eye irrigation kot...

I'm Hangeng admirer...hehehe ;)

Just watch 2 dvd je..hehehe