Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Dance.Dance.Dance...Come on guys ^^~

Assalam...yipee crazy rabbit

Kyaaa~ I'd just finish dancing to SoNyeoShiDae songs..^^....It's not a matter of dancing only..but it's for health....and I'd forgot lots of their dance step since nowdays I'm very busy with my time...mwahahaha..busy working laaa opcoss~...

SO....SNSD's dance step that I'd memorize are OH!, Genie (tell me your wish) , Hoot and Run Devil Run.....and I think the most fun dance step is ..of course...the hardest one to memorize and to follow the step...and it's Run Devil Run.....haha.....and I'm still learning Gee's...^^~..Hopefully I'll memorize this dance step super-fast since I'd experience others dance step....
ballerina crazy rabbit

Hoot!!!!!!!hahaha...Although I'd memorize it...but I knoe I'd made a mistake since my first time learning it...so..it's a little bit...horrible...hahaha..~ and until now I can't change my own dance mistakes because I'm comfortable with it...hihihihi.. *I'm stubborn girl*

 ~ These links below will bring you to a new world and perception of dancing ~

So....tonite..I would like to share my experience regarding to dancing EXERCISE...

DANCE ..is a fun way to do exercise...floating crazy rabbit

so don't push your self each time you can't catch up with the dance step...just enjoy and try to go trough the dance step a couple of time until you aware it bit by bit...

just let others laugh at you because in a mean time you'll become a great dancer... eventhough you're not a real dancer...^^.. I knoe they will say... Whoaaa!!!!you're great!!!..and be proud of it...~

Learn dance step by step after you go through the rhythm..and you'll know...how easy it is...!!!
dancing crazy rabbit
Just learn until your friends says...WHOaaa!!!!Perfect!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

So..DANCING effect to you body...


Depending on the type of dance you choose, the number of calories

burned will vary. For rhythmical dances such as the foxtrot or

waltz, you can burn up to 260 calories per hour if you weigh 160

lbs. More vigorous dancing styles such as the salsa can burn 500 

calories in an hour's time, comparable to the calories burned 

from a light jog. An aerobic dance class of moderate intensity 

uses 442 calories per hour for a 150-lb. person, and 590 calories  

for someone weighing 200 lbs.

Lowered Risk of Dementia

A study published in the June 2003 issue of "The New England Journal of Medicine" found that when elderly people participated in leisure activities, including dancing, their risk of dementia was lessened. The study, led by Joe Verghese, M.D., looked at the behavior of 469 subjects 75 years and older who did not have dementia at the beginning of the study. They were followed over a median period of five years. Reading, and playing board games and musical instruments were associated with reduced dementia risk, but dancing was the only physical activity that carried reduced risk. Subjects who danced as often as three or four times per week showed 76 percent less incidence of dementia than those who danced once a week or not at all.

Other Effects

Because dancing is weight-bearing, it can help improve bone density and decrease the likelihood of osteoporosis. Those turns and dips can also improve muscle strength and coordination. Dancing also helps with balance, something that is important in older people and keeps them from falling. Psychologically, dancing offers an opportunity to be with others, and to work off stress and fatigue. The music that accompanies dancing can heighten energy and mood, and provide an enjoyable time.

That's all...^^

P/s : I also knoe how to dance Bonamana..Cooking cooking from my favourite group eva...SUPER JUNIOOO.haha..and I'm still learning Perfection....wuwuwuwu~

Until then...byee...off to sleep...

^^ wassalam..

Monday, 21 November 2011

Rennet . Gelatine . Bovine . Whey .


WOke up earlier today in a super-good condition...HAHaha~ Alhamdulillah..
And for the topic today..is about our food consumption everyday...I knoe..not everyone know about these topic isn't....well...for me...it's bcause of my good daddy always remind us not to take food which contains rennet, gelatine(bovine) and whey powder......

Yesterday we went to Korean Food Fair...and we..*housmate*...hehe~ together-gether went there.....just to stop by before we went to carpark..hmm...~we saw a fridge of Korean ice cream....and it's look YummYYY!!!!!!!!!!!..hahaha...and because of we had saw once, these kind of ice cream in jusco...so we went to the fridge nearer and ask the staff for the ingredients....YES..!!! the ingredients in english was available...so I read through....and what I'd noticed in the ingredients is WHEY POWDER....and after that I just put back the ice cream........wuwuwu~..but I can't really ate that thing......

and my friend ask why...????..

But in that time I can't really answer her question....but I knoe..it's something from cow..and in Islam the cow is supposedly to be slaughter in Islamic way...

and if there's no HALAL logo..I really don't mind..as long as the ingredient is Halal...

and just don't reallllllyyyy trust to the HALAL LoGO exactly...because sometimes if you read the ingredients...you'll still see these few text ..~ RENNET , GELATINE , WHEY POWDER ~ unless the ingredient stated it's HALAL... such as Gelatine HALAL or Gelatine (Seaweed)..instead of bovine...

if there's no HALAL logo...you must be very confident before buying things...or otherwise it's still useless because you're not fully trust with the product!!!!!!!.....so my advice is...don't buy it if you're curious.....okay ㋡ 

So......what is the truth behind RENNET , GELATINE and WHEY

I just copy and paste the simplest explanation I'd read ^^


The enzyme most commonly used to make cheese is rennet, which comes from the stomach of calves. The rennet is Halal if the calf was slaughtered according to Islamic requirements. Whey prepared with microbial enzymes is Halal. Whey is used in processed foods such as crackers. 


90% of ingredients in any desserts, used GELATIN. And most of the gelatins are made from pigs and if it’s from a cow, it is unsure whether it’s been slaughtered according to Islamic law/syariah that called Zabihah. The producing of cakes, puddings, ice cream, jelly, frozen salad, chocolates, gummies and many-many more delicious desserts, used GELATIN FROM PIGS because it's a lot cheaper from cow!!!


whey powder from calves.

P/s..not all bounty's are non-halal..I'd buy, once in Saudi...and there's no whey in it and it's for vegetarian..but in Malaysia .........~ do recheck the ingredients if you wanna buy it in other countries ^^

MALTESERS!!!!!!!!! my favourite chocolate ever...
in Malaysia there's nothing to be curious of it's ingredient...
and it's yummyy...^^

the conclusion :
All of these things is non-HALAL IF the sources ..

it was made from PIG
it was made from NOT SLAUGHTERED calf
it was buy using HARAM money source

^^~ okay..that's all...
need anything to add...???
do leave it in comment box below...
                                                            .Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥●•٠·˙

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Non-Stick Pots - 10 Ways to Ruin a Nonstick Pot or Pan


I'm posting this tips because of I'm planning to buy a new pan.....and hopefully this pan wouldn't be like my current pan...^^~...scratch everywhere and looks so awful...yaa~ and I'm kinda upset to look my pan critically ill....wuwuwu~..I'd tried my best to protect my first-eva non-stick frying pan...but somehow...hmmmm..~..I think I'd just have to let it goo >,< ...or not it will be toxic in my bloOd..

So.....I think these (below tips) are the best way to protect MY pan especially....^^
What Not to do and How to Keep Your Non-Stick Pans Looking Good

By Mariette Mifflin, About.com Guide

See More About:nonstick cookwarecookware usecookware reviewsbakewarechef's tools
Nonstick coatings on cookware and bakeware provide for healthier cooking using less oils and also reduce cleaning time. But improper care can ruin the finish on non-stick pots or baking pans, causing foods to stick.  It can also make cleaning your best nonstick pots more difficult, and reduce the lifespan of your pans. Here are 10 ways you can ruin a non-stick pot or pan if proper care and maintenance isn't applied. Protect your non-stick cookware or bakeware investment by avoiding these and enjoy your non-stick pots and pans for many years.  Need to upgrade your nonstick pots and pans?  Compare prices of non-stick pots and pans, and keep your new pan looking like new, by avoiding my 10 ways to ruin it.

1. Cutting Serving Portions With a Metal Knife or Utensil

Cutting desserts or meatloaf in the pan with a metal knife or utensil can pierce the coating leaving your pans unsightly, cause foods to stick and rust to form. Use rubber or silicone spatulas to portion and serve from your cookware or bakeware.

2. Storing Pans Improperly

Storing pans haphazardly along with other metal implements, can cause scratches in the finish. Always nest your nonstick frypans and bakeware carefully, and do not alloy other metal pan covers with thin sharp edges to sit inside your pans.

3. Drastic Water Temperature Changes

Placing a very hot non-stick frypan into cool or lukewarm dishwater can cause your pan to warp. A warped pan will not have even heat distribution and cooking abilities will be reduced. Always allow your pan to cool completely before immersing it.

4. Using Metal Spatulas, Whisks or Tongs

Refrain from using any metal utensils in your nonstick to stir, turn food, scrape food residue, or blend foods right in the pan. The best utensils to use are wood, plastic, or silicone. Many companies are now making silicone whisks which are terrific for that quick blending. Even occasional fork-turning can nick and scratch your pan.

5. Cleaning With a Scouring Cleanser Pad

Using scouring products that are metal based or have harsh cleansers, can wear off the coating on your pans. Always use plastic scourers or soft sponges. Allowing your pan to soak for a moment will usually loosen foods and enable you to clean it with just warm water, mild soap and a soft cloth.

6. Cleaning Pans in a Dishwasher

Dishwasher detergents generally are too harsh for most nonstick cookware and kitchenware, and will eventually cause the finish to wear off. Bakeware that has scratches in it may also not dry completely and could rust. Handwash your nonstick implements and dry completely before storing.

7. Cooking on High Heat

Most nonstick cookware is made for low and medium heat cooking. Too high a heat can wear down or blister the finish, as well as cause pans to warp. To maintain your pan and increase its lifespan, follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding cooking heat.

8. Storing Foods in Your Nonstick Pans

Foods should never be stored in the pans but should be removed and pans should be cleaned carefully and dried before storing.

9. Cutting Your Pizza With a Cutter

Cutting your pizza right in the nonstick pizza pan will mar the finish. Always slide your pizza out unto a wooden cutting board, and then apply the pizza cutter to portion servings.

10. Using Your Bread Pans for Meats or High Acid Foods

Nonstick bread pans provide for easy removal of fresh baked bread. But using these same pans for meatloaf or other foods will wear off the finish quicker, as some foods reduce the lifespan of your pans, making them harder to clean and more prone to rust. Keep bread pans just for bread, and designate another pan for other foods. This way you'll ensure no pan residue ends up on your freshly baked bread.

Yeay..hopefully this article is useful for me and others.....because those thing are gonna be 1 of my assets...... ^^~ and of course....it's sooooo expensive... >,<

^^..that's all....kyaa~...I'm exhausted and sleepy...