Monday, 28 May 2012

home Sweet Home ❥


It's been a long time since i got more than 2 days rest....3 and a half day rest is more than enough for to spend my whole day with  my family especially my beloved abah...rindu gillakk...

yupp..eventhough in a week i got at least a HK..relief day~but..x cukup nk blk kg llame...hoho..~felt like staff working in medical ward got more relief day than me, my self working in "not a crowded" place...
 -_-  tt..

and congrates too along...after's my turn ehh ???hahaha~..
*x de la pulak pic engange awk...*

abah & safiyyah

yipee crazy rabbit 

Safiyyah~ the always crying baby...

Left : mine
upper right : ai's fish n chips style
lower right : abah granthem street style ^^~
..irfan's befday cupcakes...
theme : bees for kidz with choc mint flavour...
supper dupper yummy

trying to watch the harry potter deathly hallows using the 3D specs BUT +  normal compaq screen..haha...
piraaaahhh la itsmenoni..~


haha..last2 watched the megamind kat tv aje...

i wanna watch the harry potter series.......wuwuwuw~

that's all...this weekend ; tasik mari tasik mari..^^~hehe.... 
                                                                           assalamhappy dancing crazy rabbit

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Retro . Dinner

Dinner Nursing Department


last night  went for annual dinner at Corus Hotel for Nurses Day celebration..went there accompanied by Farah and Fahimah..and their driver...phewww~jam everywhere...KL laa katekan...been in such a hurry...with ngek ngok gps..redha je laa.......

Only several pic took during the event...and I don't know why....*before this I'll snap 100++ pic in each dinner event..hoho* I moody...??definitely..nope..but just because too tired back from rest..

yoo...tonite the internet line is a little bit i just cropped the pic out of the software...hoho.

Theme : retro 50-60an
Dinner theme : chinese cuisine..

I am not a picky person on eating..but...I don't feel  full after eating all of the dinner course...
so.farah n me decided to stop at tutti frutti nearby...while finishing the yogurt..we have a little chit chat..
talking about works, study, friends, marriage, family
how time fly soo fast =)
classmates are now busy with their next step of life : marriage..
congrates to KakLin, Yana, KakYan,Hajar,Wa 

that's all for tonite

P/s: and to my only sister too...wishing an endless happiness for both of you..bro-in-law + along..^^~

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Just wanna say....~


been working for almost 9 months...unbelievable..3 months way to go..15  August for my 1st working anniversary.. arghhhh..old enough to be call as makcik and kakak SN..hmmphh..eventhough I'm the youngest in Ot....-_-..hmm..

Ealry in the morning after Subuh prayer....woke up the laptop..solat..fb'eing'..and thinking what should I the next 48 hours after year....??hoho~

What should I dooo..????boring crazy rabbit

Is't okay for me to do the same routine everyday without being BORING...???I'm just wishing for something different each day...huhu~*belum setahun pun kerje*

To do list + ROUTINE : Cooking the same dishes..
Eating the same food..
Drinking the same water
Sleeping at the same time
Watching the same movies
Working at the same place and time

My truly routine..!!~..

Everyday thinking of...what should I cook for today ???
dunno crazy rabbitWhat kinda of song should I listen today???
What kind of movie should I watch today???
What should I response while listening to my friends "ward story" today??? pheew crazy rabbit
What time should I get up from my bed todayy??

Just wanna say :
 lucky to be a student...
bcause you don't have enough time to think all of these...
your responsibility was on your study
and you don't have enough time to care of  this little things...~
daebak~you get the chance while there's still many people waiting to further their study ..huhu
*pity me*
you don't have to wait for seniority and priority..
just be happy with your student life..
because one day you'll be missing them
don't be hesitate..
just continue to the finishing line
♖ you can do it ♜ 

Things that I won't easily forget from my U life :

Preparing for the exam + Viva + Osce 
Curik2 watching Explore human body while studying..
Eating the same things and I don't care off all that stuff..
Free time..swimming..jogging..and window shopping!!~^^
took out the result with bright smile..
*especially during 4th,5th & the last sem.*

ACtually..I'd already gave up when the lecturers scolding me for an unexplained reasons..jelous kott..mwahaha~..but I just have to find my strength..~..and my strength during that time is just because of..I wanna further my study!!!

peace to be on you
jarhaebwa..good luck..

p/s: sometimes you need a pressure to achieved the best that you could!!!!

moving crazy rabbityeahh