Monday, 31 May 2010

Semester Breaks...Finally =)

안녕하세요 and assalamualaikum...

Im very happy nowdays because the semester breaks had just begun..hehehehe =) is the perfect time for me to release my stress during the study and the exam weeks of course..I've finished the last exam -OSCE- on wednesday and that nite..i'm already at home..hehe..and the holiday begin..hahahaha....yeah.. =)

Last saturday, Along Piah n me went to JB to attend wedding ceremony at is hmm our unknown cousin we've planned to stay at JB until the next day -Sunday-...alang2 tu...I ask all my ex-schoolmate to gather together gether..hehe..but hmm well...hahaha..I probably know about them all...there were lots of excuses that I have already know earlier that they would give to at last...I'm hanging out with Shakina, Sawfy n Ridhwan...yup..just 4 of us..and we had a great time battling for bowling game..hehe

BElow:  some pictures that I've snap during the bowling tournament..haha..and the very diligent clever smart cute girl studying..hahaha =B


This is hehehe..saranghae johahae =)

Ex Schoolmate Impian Emas , Jb =)

Friday, 21 May 2010


Salam..and 안녕하세요...

Hmm....very depress and also i feel very very very tension rite now...and also i feel very stupid..idiot..babo..why i must choose this course for my future carrier..felt very regret for myself...arghhh..why i didn't pick the Manufacturing Engineering(UTeM) course for my study those days..or architecture???.arghhh...felt very hopeless when joining this course for my study..only today I'm aware about my self that I can't take this subject and course sincerely...I've tried for almost 2 years to accept this as my fate..but today I know..that I can't..because there is still someone outside there are still not professional with their carrier as a- you know what- & -you know who-..well they thought us to be professional but they didn't....I'm sick of them for not being professional and easily accused people like me for copy and paste their assignment...wth is that..and they always think they are too annoying....i think the one-you know who- is bear a grudge to their - hmm person like me-...but I don't know why...until there's a rumour about -u know who-  willing to their students...hmm...I don't care about that..arghhh....i'm gonna quit from this thing after I've finished payback all of my scholarship agreement...that's it...FEED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!not interest in this thing anymore...but I'm still willing to study Biology subject and their cucu cicit.. 바보

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Final Exam weeks.. ;)

안녕하세요 n also assalamualaikum to every one ;)

well i've been waiting for this week for almost 1 month and started to prepared for this exam since a month ago..although i'm not really focus on my study but ..hehehe i still understand what i'm reading and also take a time to memorize all of the important things in these subjects ( which is endocrine,renal,special senses,fon5 n fon6 and nutrition)..hehe the 1 that i didn't read anything yet is psychology...maybe this weekend??hehe..

hmm..bounce to you bounce to you...yup it is Bonamana 미인 lyrics..and i'm very addicted to this song..maybe because of its music arrangement??? or maybe because this song was sang by super junior or maybe their performance and their choreography and as well as 한경  is so amazing..and the summary of this story is i really admire super junior.. .hehehe...just found their mv in youtube an hour ago..and i feel like i'm gonna dance together with way women..

Now lets begin with the 2nd part of the abah suggest me n my siblings to continue our further study in the other country..hmm oversea...but under mbs scholarship..not sponsored by abah..kikikikiki.. ;) ...yeah and i would like to do so...because i do want some experience living in the other country...eventhough you know my childhoods days was in england..but i'm pretty sure the experience that i will go through is very i've decided to study harder from now on and improving my english language as well..i've been doing some simple research now days to find a better place to continue my study in degree..the 1st country keep playing in my mind is australia..2nd one is uk i thing..hehe..memorable place for me,along n acik n also my parents..hihihi..the 3rd place is..hmm...i think korea kot..because i've found a college or university for nursing...hehehe..but actually hehe i also want to have some experience living in a place which other peoples always talk about it especially when they are watching korean dramas n movies..the place that i meant is Seoul..... ;) 

better to be independent isn't.. and i love to be independent..experience have thought me a lot about the real meaning of life...and sims2 game also has thought me a lot about how to manage my life properly...hehehe...yeah the game is very useful ..for me. =) ..

I think that's all for this exam week..need to study harder isn't hehe..but right now i'm watching Adonis camp in youtube..hehe...and it is should i go to sleep or continue with my movies...hehehehehe ;?

lepaking n shopping with Noona Farahim at Jusco Maluri..lunch at Ichiban Ramen...yummy =)

Monday, 10 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day for my Umi n Abah jugak ;)

Assalam...actually by the time im writting this post....hmm...i was editing a video for mother's day...and also mother's day for my abah too..because i very miss him so much..its about a year and 2 month since the last time i meet him at Klia..and also the last day i meet's still fresh in my mind when i meet my Medical Surgical lecturer personally to ask for her permission to excuse for her class that day....and after a few minutes she's thinking..(by that time i felt..hmm bagi lah bagi lah..seriously feel like i'm gonna cry while waiting for her long decision making)...complicated kot...huhuh...yup it's also about my credit hours of course..but thanks to my lecturer for that right decision making..hehehehe ;) ..she give me excuse that the is we need to be baik and good kan..hehehe...friday is a noble day.. ;)

I rushed to the taxi stand ...then to the Bandar Tasik Selatan Station..then to the ERL Station...and just waiting for about 20 minutes in the erl...luckily the erl is the fastest transportation heading to I managed to arrived at KLia faster than other family members hehehehee...jogging in the klia while searching for my family..hehehe..yea...there they abah and my brothers queue kat counter Saudi Airline..hehee...salam my abah and relatives...then my abah gave me 2riyal...and i still keep it in my purse of course..and also rm10 because abah said that he wouldn't use it in Jeddah..hahaha..but the rm10 i have spent it...hehehehehe...

After he got his ticket...then we- relatives salam salam...and bye bye to my abah...tata to him......but who noes...deeply inside my heart...or..hmm deeply inside our heart...felt..kehilangan..lost...yup...and I think...hmm i'm the most spending less time with my abah...only about 6 days..because there's no semester break at my department...hoh...while the others ipta ipts poly school was having their semester break..huh...yup i knoe i need to sacrifice my time and my self for the sake of my future...;( ...don't noe how to express my feelings...huhuh..x pe ar.. its already 2 am in the morning....n im still waiting for my video project to be uploaded  in shwup..hmmm....

Credit to Bigbang for Haru Haru & Lollipop and also My beloved Suju for the songs and 2ne1 also ...for accompany me from morning until its morning back..hehehehehehe...

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Sharing is caring ??? I don't think so..... I'm a little bit dizzy since this morning..maybe because I don't get enough rest last nite..or maybe  to much sleep this morning...hehehe ;) ...can't tell you on what time i wake up from my sweet dream.hahaha..sweet dream la sgt..and rite now I feel like I'm gonna sick..fever kot..hohoh...nauzubillah himin way...huhu

So today's topic is..sharing is caring....?????? well i just think about it 15 minutes ago while studying the endocrine subject..the story began when I've planned  yesterday to be more ber'discipline' during this study I make a promise to my self not to log on my Opaq while studying....because i know..i'll focus more on my Opaq rather than on my notes..hehehe..because..when I log on the laptop i'll automatically click to my realplayer...hehehe..then the real player will start to show off mv(music video)..then i'll start to stare one by one mv until i don't realize ..and the time is keep moving on..hoh..then..i feel sleepy..close the notes..and go to sleep.. overcome this problem..hehe..I've transfered the korean songs + english songs + nasyeed to my only 19 songs are available in my handphone for this time..the problem is...i don't have earphone..the 1st one is missing in action..and the 2nd one i've thrown away in the only use the hp speaker instead of earphone..;)..tapi..someone tu whose sit between the windows and me..always ask me to give her my latest songs that i've downloaded........

Yes...i like to share something with my friends or roomies or my housemates..but not all know..sometimes i also need my own  things which i couldn't share with others..and..i only become selfish with someone who are selfish towards their her........;0..she's so kanyek(in tamil language)..stingy kan kan..hehehe..hmmm...well just my housemates know well about her..kestingian need to tell everyone about our experience living with her for almost 2 to my friends..don't worry...i'll not be going stingy to you if you are not stingy to me..... ;) ..senang kan oke ? =)

Monday, 3 May 2010

I'm tired.. ;0

Salam...well this week and next week is the study week..means that i need to study harder and i must have a shorter sleep..isn't it????hehehe..just arrived from melaka an hour ago..and now i felt very sleepy..n also having proptosis symptom...haha..Balik kampong for 4 days and 3 nite..was a very busy time..friday until saturday..attending for my cousin wedding ceremony at Kg Parit Turun, Muar, Johor..Yesterday, attending for a dinner ceremony Malam Amal Raudhatus Sakinah at Sacc convention cntre in shah alam, slangor..arrived safely at home around 2 am..then today my umi sent me and nurul to seremban..and then we travell together by komuter until we reach safely at taman midah.. ;) hehehe....having chronic proptosis..@_@ ..

Just arrived at hour ago...and felt very sick of $!£^%*&%£!**£! ....i don't care weather you're still alive or not!!..hate ^!"£%*!...ish...then i'll prove to !"*&!" i'm smarter than you...piraah...wek¬..arghh...calm please ..please calm..u have only 2 sem to live with "^&*"$^("$@..them..yahooo...yeah..really..i don't know why they can't control their emotion...emotional with everyone around £"&(")_"£..and everyone nowdays know about £"(£($^"&....hohohohohohoh...hmm biar ar..xmsok long I have my own friends..sdn bhd..hehe

Ok seems that I'm having palliative care for this proptosis...hohoho..nite hard..don't forget to perform solat hajat k ;)