Friday, 21 May 2010


Salam..and 안녕하세요...

Hmm....very depress and also i feel very very very tension rite now...and also i feel very stupid..idiot..babo..why i must choose this course for my future carrier..felt very regret for myself...arghhh..why i didn't pick the Manufacturing Engineering(UTeM) course for my study those days..or architecture???.arghhh...felt very hopeless when joining this course for my study..only today I'm aware about my self that I can't take this subject and course sincerely...I've tried for almost 2 years to accept this as my fate..but today I know..that I can't..because there is still someone outside there are still not professional with their carrier as a- you know what- & -you know who-..well they thought us to be professional but they didn't....I'm sick of them for not being professional and easily accused people like me for copy and paste their assignment...wth is that..and they always think they are too annoying....i think the one-you know who- is bear a grudge to their - hmm person like me-...but I don't know why...until there's a rumour about -u know who-  willing to their students...hmm...I don't care about that..arghhh....i'm gonna quit from this thing after I've finished payback all of my scholarship agreement...that's it...FEED UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!not interest in this thing anymore...but I'm still willing to study Biology subject and their cucu cicit.. 바보

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