Monday, 4 January 2010

Something...Anything...but Lots of Thing..

Assalamualaikum to somebody or nobody who have spend their time to read this simple blog..Well..I think I did'nt have enough time to wrote all things happened in 2009..but I'm very thankfull beacause I've been given some time to improve my selves fiddunia wal akhirat..Alhamdulillah..and I'm still alive..=)...and to my friends ~ even though non of my friends really know well about me but thanks to all for being my friends..

About my semester holidays break(26/11/09 ~ 17/12/09...actually my family have a few plan to spent our holiday breaks...but because of my abah have to cancelled his ticket a night before he suppose to leave Jeddah because of flood in Saudi also have to cancelled our planned....hohohoh..

Because of we're very frustrated...we senyap-senyap went to JB..hehe...JB is a memorable hometown for my family..for me..I started to know about school..and it is also the place I left behind my school memory..hmm~... well..going to JB for a short period helps me and umi to release our ke-frust-tation...

Other than that..hmmmm nothing else kot...nothing much we can do to fulfill our time during the breaks because my along and achik are still in their exam mood...hmmm...ape ape jeklah..and I also felt tension when the letters from Ukm, Bangi delivered to my house....which is mean that I must (wajib) go to the camping in Lenggong , Perak...and because of the's mean that my semester breaks is shorter than it suppose to be...huhuhuhu

For this new year 2010...hopefully I can achieved my goal and score whatever I want...InsyaAllah..and also happy birthday to my umi (7 january 2010)....hehehe...thanks for being my wonder mom...and I'm sorry because this week I can't go back to Tasek ..well new semester ..lots of thing to be settle down...mwah mwah kat umi....