Friday, 16 August 2013

Raye raye raye =D

it's already 9th day of raya eidul fitri
but still working on with my popia's and chocolate chips project
how lazy am I nowdays
too much things to do
no no crazy rabbit
oh my oh nooo
that's not a good sign to be a good wife

few pics during my veryyy lazy mood

22 Jun 2013 is our wedding day ^^

29 jun 2013 wedding ceremony in ipoh

with the little one - afif -

1st time raye together2 as husband and wife =D

my family 1st syawal in alor gajah

with zawj - riang ria petang raya-

2 of my little brothers ~eventhough they're much more higher than me~

that's all from a lazy wife and workers
sigh crazy rabbit

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Balik Kampong


it's been a while bz jadik housewife and workers...
need 25 hours per day to settle everything
including my own time utk malas malasan...
tomorrow : raye !!
but i'm working util 7am tomorrow...
kureng feeling raye...
workholic or unfair work schedule =?

oklah...cite pasal balik kampong
spending almost 5 days puase di kampung..
both : melaka and perak
kampong blood is in our vessels..
ade la gaye org kampong...isn't..?
cycling beskal tua
kopek kelapak
and for the very 1st time...
jadik barber...hehehe..

that's all
selamat berhari raye
maaf zahir dan batin
zawj family and friends