Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Sharing is caring ??? I don't think so..... I'm a little bit dizzy since this morning..maybe because I don't get enough rest last nite..or maybe  to much sleep this morning...hehehe ;) ...can't tell you on what time i wake up from my sweet dream.hahaha..sweet dream la sgt..and rite now I feel like I'm gonna sick..fever kot..hohoh...nauzubillah himin way...huhu

So today's topic is..sharing is caring....?????? well i just think about it 15 minutes ago while studying the endocrine subject..the story began when I've planned  yesterday to be more ber'discipline' during this study I make a promise to my self not to log on my Opaq while studying....because i know..i'll focus more on my Opaq rather than on my notes..hehehe..because..when I log on the laptop i'll automatically click to my realplayer...hehehe..then the real player will start to show off mv(music video)..then i'll start to stare one by one mv until i don't realize ..and the time is keep moving on..hoh..then..i feel sleepy..close the notes..and go to sleep.. overcome this problem..hehe..I've transfered the korean songs + english songs + nasyeed to my only 19 songs are available in my handphone for this time..the problem is...i don't have earphone..the 1st one is missing in action..and the 2nd one i've thrown away in the only use the hp speaker instead of earphone..;)..tapi..someone tu whose sit between the windows and me..always ask me to give her my latest songs that i've downloaded........

Yes...i like to share something with my friends or roomies or my housemates..but not all know..sometimes i also need my own  things which i couldn't share with others..and..i only become selfish with someone who are selfish towards their her........;0..she's so kanyek(in tamil language)..stingy kan kan..hehehe..hmmm...well just my housemates know well about her..kestingian need to tell everyone about our experience living with her for almost 2 to my friends..don't worry...i'll not be going stingy to you if you are not stingy to me..... ;) ..senang kan oke ? =)

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