Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Final Exam weeks.. ;)

안녕하세요 n also assalamualaikum to every one ;)

well i've been waiting for this week for almost 1 month and started to prepared for this exam since a month ago..although i'm not really focus on my study but ..hehehe i still understand what i'm reading and also take a time to memorize all of the important things in these subjects ( which is endocrine,renal,special senses,fon5 n fon6 and nutrition)..hehe the 1 that i didn't read anything yet is psychology...maybe this weekend??hehe..

hmm..bounce to you bounce to you...yup it is Bonamana 미인 lyrics..and i'm very addicted to this song..maybe because of its music arrangement??? or maybe because this song was sang by super junior or maybe their performance and their choreography and as well as 한경  is so amazing..and the summary of this story is i really admire super junior.. .hehehe...just found their mv in youtube an hour ago..and i feel like i'm gonna dance together with them..hahaha..no way women..

Now lets begin with the 2nd part of the story..my abah suggest me n my siblings to continue our further study in the other country..hmm oversea...but under mbs scholarship..not sponsored by abah..kikikikiki.. ;) ...yeah and i would like to do so...because i do want some experience living in the other country...eventhough you know my childhoods days was in england..but i'm pretty sure the experience that i will go through is very different..so i've decided to study harder from now on and improving my english language as well..i've been doing some simple research now days to find a better place to continue my study in degree..the 1st country keep playing in my mind is australia..2nd one is uk i thing..hehe..memorable place for me,along n acik n also my parents..hihihi..the 3rd place is..hmm...i think korea kot..because i've found a college or university for nursing...hehehe..but actually hehe i also want to have some experience living in a place which other peoples always talk about it especially when they are watching korean dramas n movies..the place that i meant is Seoul..... ;) 

better to be independent isn't.. and i love to be independent..experience have thought me a lot about the real meaning of life...and sims2 game also has thought me a lot about how to manage my life properly...hehehe...yeah the game is very useful ..for me. =) ..

I think that's all for this exam week..need to study harder isn't hehe..but right now i'm watching Adonis camp in youtube..hehe...and it is raining...so should i go to sleep or continue with my movies...hehehehehe ;?

lepaking n shopping with Noona Farahim at Jusco Maluri..lunch at Ichiban Ramen...yummy =)

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