Monday, 3 May 2010

I'm tired.. ;0

Salam...well this week and next week is the study week..means that i need to study harder and i must have a shorter sleep..isn't it????hehehe..just arrived from melaka an hour ago..and now i felt very sleepy..n also having proptosis symptom...haha..Balik kampong for 4 days and 3 nite..was a very busy time..friday until saturday..attending for my cousin wedding ceremony at Kg Parit Turun, Muar, Johor..Yesterday, attending for a dinner ceremony Malam Amal Raudhatus Sakinah at Sacc convention cntre in shah alam, slangor..arrived safely at home around 2 am..then today my umi sent me and nurul to seremban..and then we travell together by komuter until we reach safely at taman midah.. ;) hehehe....having chronic proptosis..@_@ ..

Just arrived at hour ago...and felt very sick of $!£^%*&%£!**£! ....i don't care weather you're still alive or not!!..hate ^!"£%*!...ish...then i'll prove to !"*&!" i'm smarter than you...piraah...wek¬..arghh...calm please ..please calm..u have only 2 sem to live with "^&*"$^("$@..them..yahooo...yeah..really..i don't know why they can't control their emotion...emotional with everyone around £"&(")_"£..and everyone nowdays know about £"(£($^"&....hohohohohohoh...hmm biar ar..xmsok long I have my own friends..sdn bhd..hehe

Ok seems that I'm having palliative care for this proptosis...hohoho..nite hard..don't forget to perform solat hajat k ;)

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