Sunday, 20 May 2012

Retro . Dinner

Dinner Nursing Department


last night  went for annual dinner at Corus Hotel for Nurses Day celebration..went there accompanied by Farah and Fahimah..and their driver...phewww~jam everywhere...KL laa katekan...been in such a hurry...with ngek ngok gps..redha je laa.......

Only several pic took during the event...and I don't know why....*before this I'll snap 100++ pic in each dinner event..hoho* I moody...??definitely..nope..but just because too tired back from rest..

yoo...tonite the internet line is a little bit i just cropped the pic out of the software...hoho.

Theme : retro 50-60an
Dinner theme : chinese cuisine..

I am not a picky person on eating..but...I don't feel  full after eating all of the dinner course...
so.farah n me decided to stop at tutti frutti nearby...while finishing the yogurt..we have a little chit chat..
talking about works, study, friends, marriage, family
how time fly soo fast =)
classmates are now busy with their next step of life : marriage..
congrates to KakLin, Yana, KakYan,Hajar,Wa 

that's all for tonite

P/s: and to my only sister too...wishing an endless happiness for both of you..bro-in-law + along..^^~

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