Sunday, 13 June 2010

THe 공주 미인아 ..ㅎㅎㅎㅎ

Assalamualaikum... =)

Hahaha...I thought i'm a slow learner...but then I realised..I'm a medium to fast learner because within a week only I can read and wrote some words in Hangul..although I didn't understand the meaning from those the Korean says..Hangul is not a difficult language to learn..but Bahasa Malaysia is the easiest language in the world ..I think.. =) ..hihi..hmm last week I tried to sign up an account for social network)...they said I have to wait for 3 days before I can login into my account...with the difficulties to read and to understand hangul..I tried my best (hahahaha) to login my account..

but the access was denied for unknown reason..I thought I've inserted the wrong email and password......hahaha...tulaa..buat2 pandai hangul..hahaha..then I get an idea...hehe..I copy all of the Nate's email (which is sent to me) and paste them at Korean-English web translator..after that..I only realised..hohoho..terms to make an account in cyworld are : you need to give the webmaster a copy of driving license, a birth certificate and a pasport size picture...whoaa...and all of your information then will be kept under their government..oh no no no no..such a great task for me to do that thing..impossible..impossible..tsk tsk tsk..but long as I can update "them" in my twitter account..hak3.. =) ..

Abah balik Abah balik... =) tears falls as I saw my abah at Klia those's been about 1year and 3 month since the last time I meet him at Klia..hoho...and tomorrow after a really long plan..we will spend our holiday at Fraser Hill about 3 days...yesterday without proper planning..hehe...we've spent our nite at Kluang Government Restroom..and after abah finished his Sajoha Reunion at SMSKluang..we continue our journey to Atokcik's house..around 3am..we arrived and zzzzzzZzz... =)

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