Friday, 25 June 2010

I like it =)

Assalamualaikum and also 안녕하세요...

It's been a while since the last post i've posted in this blog..hak3..because of there's lots of work to do...hihihi..during this holiday..hahaha..welllll..actually..i spent most of my time "korek-korek" internet..because within a second only i ( & everyone of course hihi =B )can update lots of thing in this world..and the most important thing is..Twitter of course..=)) ..I will follow them..without any doubt and because of them I'm willing to spent my time to memorize their songs and also their dance i'm very envy with those people whose can copy and paste their dance movement..hoho...jealousy disease was spreading entire would be great if i have dance basic least i know how to dance..isn't..what a funny is nite dreaming..i've download a few 보나마나 video and still trying to memorize and practice their was very fun and need too tell everyone isn't.. =) ....저는 하눌  랗고 함니다..haha..Ha Neul means sky in Korean language..감삼니다

Continue with.........

OUr trip to Fraser Hill... =)

It is almost 2am..haha....2pm...haha i remembered something happened last semester..while typing a message which then i send it to noona Farahim..hehe..2pm suddenly turn to 2cm..whoa..careless..or maybe sleepy...hehehe... A little story about our trip to Fraser Hill...3 days and 2 nite ..we start our journey a little bit late that day because of traffic jam at Melaka..and it is also abah's 2nd time driving the 'stereng' at right site...hahaha...because usually in Jeddah abah drove his car at the left side of the car where the 'stereng' was ..hehehe =p..broken english....the view and scenery of fraser Hill are gorgeous...lots of unique insect we've found..haha..such as the beetle with long seseungut pokok kelapa...hehe...and also lots of butterflies and also birddahh...Fraser Hill not as cold as Cameron Highland...but in the middle of the night..thick fog cover up the whole town of Fraser Hill...grrrrr¬....sejuknyee....but can't beat the coldness of Manchaster Ct during winter..haha....

Pictureee and some photos taken

    Ye'Olde Smoke House

View from our apartment : Pine Resort

      The Hanging Houses of Fraser Hill..hehe

   Jeriau Waterfall of Fraser Hill..icy cold

    Allan's Water...riding and exercising...hehe

                         And last but nearly forgotten to upload this pic...hihi..this unique beetle ever!!!

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