Friday, 18 March 2011

Just for YOU ~ Zani ~ ^^


today I'm having a very great day..
Just because tomorrow is the day that I'm waiting for..
Hopefully all things goes smooth as we've planned.. =)
and..because of my Chibis are all done..just need to repack in proper box and make sure that they not crashed into a pieces...hehehehehe... ;)
And of course..all preparations are done except for my sapphire blue uniform tomorrow..hahahaha..actually I just wear jeans blouse only..easy for me to perform pray tomorrow...

And today is my Housemate-to-be birthday
Seangil Chukha Hamnida dear beloved Ezahniiiii...^^
I'll bring something to your place dis nite..
hopefully you're there tooo...
i'm waiting for ilaaa...maybe she's on de way back from ward..kikikkiki

Until see chingu then...~
 Step by step....

 Pan pan pan
 chocolate..use dark chocolate if available..hehe
 mix chocolate with susu manis (a spoon) + water 
 Susun layer by layer ye..hehehe
 pour chocolate on top of it
 cover the 1st layer with ice cream ^^
 Cover the ice cream with chocs.. =)
 and Ice cream again..hehe.. I used vannetta..
 and decorates with cremoo
Siap....Done already...I'm sure it's spoon licking good...yummy ;)

heehehhe...need to packing things...nak g Cik yat's house wif Ila bieyl.... ;)

hehehe... ;)

Assalam...anyyeong..try harder make perfect...

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