Monday, 7 March 2011

BlogJogging ;)

Annyeonghaseyo chingu
Blogjogging through WWW..hehehe
Actually..rite now I'm studying about Healthy Diet...wahahahahaha..
(currently...I should continue on my Ljm study..haha...but because of I need to find the right answers through the internet...........haha..u should know what I punye search..then suddenly I found this Super Great website...)...just continue on ur reading.....heheheh~

So this site link is :

and for sure..I'm really obsess in losing some weight...I mean a few kg only..hehe..just because I wanna be fit...

and in this website...

* 1st

- You can calculate for ur bmi..(and I'm super-duper normal, but it would be nice if I can lose more kg's ;) )


- the website will automatically calculate for your calories intake - whether you want to lose some weight or maintain your weight - ( I really like this application..can't calculate the right calorie intake by my own..hehe~)

*3rd - Meal Planner !!!!!!!!!!!..... ;)))))

As soon as you sign up to this can start to plan for your dietary intake for the whole weeks...Isn't this funnn ;) - from breakfast to lunch to snack and dinner...and this application will calculate calories intake for u... (hahaha..really excited for planning what Should I eat tomorrow..hehe..but I'm in financial saving nowdays..hmphmmhm)

*4th - Shopping List..

Hahahaha....Last year and a past few month..I'm really concern in buying things that I'm gonna eat...but nowdays..I bought things that I think I have time to cook...only simple things (so I only buy hmm...1 kg of half boiled rice upland rice-padi huma (which can stand up for to 2 months)..squid (I'm a squid monster..kekeke) chillies..aloe vera + grape juices or yakult ( yummy ;) )...trying not to buy instant mee (if I'm craving for instant I prefer to buy Koka..I mean no Msg and Ramyun)..huhuhuhu..and trying not to buy instant foods ( nuggets, drummet..etc)......

Soo...these are my Meal Planing for this whole week..starts from tomorrow...8 March 2011....

Wish me luck on this new healthy habits...weee~
*gambate itsmenoni*

P/s : study study..for my own sake...hehehe

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