Friday, 18 March 2011

Chibis Super Junior =)


Laughing excitedly...
1 day more too gooo.....yeahh
Anticipating as always...
If there's no posting tomorrow..
i'll probably went to Times to prepare myself for the upcoming event...hihi

By the way..
these are my chibis that I've bake them in the oven last Sunday..
It's not perfect but still..hmm perfect a little bit... ^^ hehe

I like Kyuhyun Chibi's with all of my heart..the perfect eva... ^^ you recognize them as always...kekeke..

They can't stand still..most of them..hmm..what should I do...???

Big head and small body..= CHIBI!!!!!! ^^

From left......ahh you should answer by yourself..hehe

Let me introduce...From left : Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Kyuhyun and Donghae..
see..donghae is holding the blue rose for ELF's


Sungmin..the last Chibi I've made by my hand

10 of them..actually I planned to make 15..but bcoz of lack of time

Only succeed in making 10 chibis only..soryy Kangin Hangeng Kibum Henry and Zhoumi...appology~

Shindong luv Elfs...
Super Junior love Elfs...^^


P/s : I'll try to upload some chibis in utube...^^
nite assalam


  1. blaja sndirik wa...angh tgk2 sikit kat tenet... ;)
    t awk leh tolong promote kat kwn awk..leh kan..hihiihihih ^^
    angh bg awk sampel t ye..
    mnde nih la angh nk tjukk kt awk ritu.. ;)

  2. haaa. oke je. kte wt bussiness sme2. hehe :) kte promote no hal. kwn kite rmi gila koreaaa