Monday, 27 August 2012

Eid Mubarrak =D

Assalam..'s my turn to get some rest after working for almost 10 days ++...but I managed to escaped from this bz Kl and spend my little time at my home sweet home during eidul fitri ^^~

                                                rushing rushing and running running...
depleted lethargy exhausted at the end of the day..
crazy monkey 121    what a hectic week

and to end my of cases + emergency cases on the list!!!~

abruptio placenta...bleeding...breech in labour...

crazy monkey 1304 elective c-section cases + 4 emergency cases on the list....daebak~
with bruises on leg after accidentaly tripped and fall like a tortoise during rainy day + early in the morning a few days ago......daebak~

JONAA?????crazy monkey 044

too harsh for me....the word is body is JOna...maybe Allah wanna give us some keberkatan during our working days....

Redha is a good word isn't...^^~

and finally I'll be able to wish to all muslims..
Kullu Am Wa Antum Bikhair

and for those who've already come back to work..
Have a nice day at the office... =D
crazy monkey 011
hehe assalam

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