Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Am I a chocoholic =? ~


yeah...this video on youtube makes me wanna ..... =B hee~ chewing in the  middle of night....

oh yeah...
I'm just a non-addicted chocoholic...
it's mean that I wouldn't die if I didn't take a piece of chocolate in a day...^^
but I keep at least a bar of chocolate in the fridge...
just for spare
it doesn't matter if the chocolate was in milk form or powder form...
I mean...chocolate milk drink or instant choc powder...

like this......~

and for me 
chocolate helps me to reduce stress and mood swing
especially during premenstrual and super-duper busy week
and i'm preferably choosing dark chocolate more than milk chocolate
liking the bittery taste..^^

 i'm not a cadbury lover as it's toooo sweet and milky for me

but currently thinking of trying the Ritter sport chocolate...

nice isn't
variety flavours

I'm soOO glad that I'm not an addict-chocoholic...hohoho~

somehow.. I just like trying something new for me

that's all..
assalam =D

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