Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sungmin sshi ^^

hahaha....curik mase update this blog...
actually I have still one paper left and the test will be..Tomorrowww..!!!!!!!
hohoho..but bcause of it's in MCq....soo...I'm a bit relax..

haa..these are some of Sungmin pics that I've saved in my Opeq~..
some of them are not mine..
and also.. credit to those who're taking these pics.. ^^...
I appreciate it soo much ...saranghae uploader..hehe

I like his expression..^^

looks serious and masculine..hehe

Eventhough he didn't make aegyo expression..but still he has cute side.. ;)

Sungmin with Yesung Omma

Crying agy gomm..haha

Right now I'm using this pic as my desktop wallpaper...Pumpkin

Sungmin and his younger brother, Sungjin..


This was taken during SS3 Malaysia

And also this pic..hehe

Pumpkin guy ^^


I wanna be like the lucky fan below me....wuwu~
That's all for tonite...continue studying..McQ..^^


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