Tuesday, 10 May 2011

♥♥❤Abah Umi..Hepy Parents day ❤♥♥

Hi guys...

Just wanna talk about Mother's day since I'm not celebrating this year..
and I wonder why....

❤ Abah Umi..Hepy Parents day

Ooo..yeah..haha..last Sunday I accompanied Umi to Uthm...
fetch along at her hostel..hehe..
I just wish her Happy Mother's day..
and also I ask her... " Umi nak hadiah ape tahun nih " (Umi..what present do you want this year)
She's only replying : "It's okay..bcause u have cook lunch for today =)"
ooh...okay..but I'll make sure that I'll give Umi present juge.. ^^

Last year WE gave her ... Lovely Lace for wedding anniversary + Mother's and Father's day..

and in return..we got this Rock Chocolate and Al-nukaly assorted chocolate bar..

uuh..I can't find pic of popping heart card for last year Mother's day...
it's quite large and so cute ;)

And thanks a lot to my Abah too..
Great dad eva.. ^^

LOve him with all of my heart♥

He just received an award from Navy..???..
uh..I don't really knoe about it...

Congratulations Dear Abah..
I'm proud to be your daughter

LOve her with all of my heart♥

And my Umi..thanks for everything... ^^ hehe

For me..everyday is Mother's day and Father's day...

P/s: Actually..Last nite..I went through all webs and blogs to search for Super Junior's and Mblaq's parents...But I've forgot 1 think..I also have Superb Dad and Superb Mom..

My  مدير المشروع  Dad
My Raudhatus Sakinah Volunteer Mom

Love them Both
assalam ^^

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