Sunday, 10 April 2011

Jarhaebwa my Friends... ;)

Jarhaebwa means GOOD LUCk..
So..good luck to all my friends who's busy preparing for our final exam...(which is really really and crazily pack!!)..ohh gosh...

CREDIT TO : Puter Suraida


2/5 : Mid term O&G
5/5 : Final Modul Management
5/5 : Final Modul Psychiatric 
6/5 : FInal Modul O&G
16/5 : FN 3028 MEQ
18/5 : FN 3038 MEQ
19/5 : FN 3018 MCQ?
23/5 : OSCE
24/5 : Running assesment
25/5 : VIVA
15/6 : LJM

Me myself..still not preparing enough for this final exam...
Hoh..what should I do..???
NCLEX of course..kekeke... ;)

May Allah ease our journey for almost 3 and a half year...
May He assist and guide us for this final and most final exam in our course...
May He blessing us with all our hard work ..
May He forgive wrongness and sins that we've done and lead to the truth path..
And may we remember Him in everything we do...just for Him...Bismillah..

May we get flying colours for the exam...wish wish wish...
InsyaAllah dear friends..

I'll pray for all of you...
and also Forgive me for my wrongness... zero-0 onke ?

Study Smart not study Hard..
Spend time to study and pray..
May He ease our journey =)

..Jarhaebwa Friends..

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