Friday, 28 January 2011

We made PanCakes =)

Assalamualaikum...good morning everyone..

Eventhough today was quite busy with patients and we are rushing to the hypermarket to buy something..hehe..until evening..and we are rushing too...preparing for tomorrow projects...but I felt happy as we're gathering together...sharing and chattering and laughing and joking with each other...may this friendship will be long lasting-forever..and you know..we also succeed in making PANCAKES!!!!!...hihi

We used 1kg of flour..a dozen + 3 eggs..(actually we have already run out of eggs...then Me and Bff went to the..hmm..almost nearest shop to buy a dozen eggs..just in case if it still not enough..hehehe)..on the way back to Laman...something funny happened to us..haha...just because of the cats looks likes gonna start a fight...we are the 1st one who ran first to the Laman gate...don't want to disturbed their fight..(actually we're really scared to death..hoho)..

And at last...we've made very delicious pancakes about 40 slices I think...quite lot isn't...hopefully tomorrow will be the last day with full memory for us...saranghae..사랑해..<3..

P/s:I'll upload some pics..but maybe later...hehe....

Off....nite nite..sleep tight..


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