Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Hello everyone -from shy baby-

Assalam and good morning 

introducing my little boy

the shy baby  -macam mommylong cakap -
Ahmad Anas bin Suhaimi
was born at PPUKM on saturday 31st May 2014
at 1645 pm
weight 3.33kg height 49cm

sbenarnye nak letak namenye Sayf...
disebabkan abah nye not a fan of the Sayf name (also something he said behind the scene)
so his the one decided to put Anas instead of Sayf
so after this...I'll put on the name of my next generation... compromise ye cik abang..

hehe my 1st month of life..
dh siap berjalan 1 shopping complex
how super duper me and umi is.. =D
still in confinement day though

I'm now in my 2nd month
I'm a chubby baby now

sy dah sunat
sape lagi x sunat...??
I'm a big boy now

JB here we come !!!
3 month already
berJPO la kite hehe

at last..
pndai mniarap sendiri
I know I can
i started to learn to meniarap since 3 month..
and in 4th month I can do it all by myself

5 month old now
I've started practicing crawling..
I'm tough baby now days =D
umi dh habis solat ke? -says Anas-
after this we pray together eh?

Umi my head already fits in this bonet
it's mean that I'm bigger now
and hungry for food always

yes dear

abah and umi always love you baby
love you like this  like thisand like this 

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