Tuesday, 25 November 2014

introducing food


this one whole year..i'm not updating anything...
since I have a lazy eyes..(not a medical problem)..it's just me ..a lazy umi..
and always feel sleepy.......huarghhh ZZzz..

today..since my money tree is flowering..i have a very good mood on shopping =)
just preparing my self to handle my not-very-newborn-baby for his 1st time EATING TIME lalala~
and as a mother..I'm very happy that I can shopping to prepare his thingy .. hehe

things that I need to make sure he get everything he need into his little tummy are :

1st ..the most important thing


some mommies just blender their baby food in their everyday use food processor...
but for me..since me and husband like to eat chilies bird eye chili jalapeno chili...
there's a big NO NO NO for me to take a risk...
kang baby ceri beri pulak...kene EL keje hoho

2nd thing :


well yes..i choose this design and colour..hahaha well I'm the mommy ,right?
easy bowl for me and for little Anas to start training eating
eventhough it's for 7 months baby bowl..
but for sure he will be 7 months

3rd thing :


actually it's not a really a cup for me..but for the baby..YES!!
the 1st step for baby to try sipping..is't sipping? sip..sip
accidentally I choose the green/yellow colour and accidentally (also) matching with the bowl...
..hip hip hooray..
coincident that I love =D

That is the start for my new journey being a mom to a hungry baby

i'd cheated on giving him an icecream

and that's all for my new journey

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