Monday, 31 October 2011

How to manage MONEY ~ like me ^^

Today's topic...I've been thinking about how important these things for us forever...^^...I mean..everytime I'd spent my days to think about how important to manage Money and wealth properly...Because of nowdays.. most of adult have to faced fact of bankruptcy.....I don't wanna be like that...tsk tsk tsk....~~~~'ve make some precautions for me..myself..!!!!~

I just like to share my opinions and I'd like to share some information regarding to manage well your salary and wealth also......It's kinda challenging isn't....but we have toooo....^^


First thing comes up in my mind is : BUDGET

Get through your budget list..and make sure you obey your rules and regulations !!!!!

For budget in each month    : ~ Savings
                                                     ~ Car loan / House loan
                                                     ~ Car maintenance
                                                     ~ Household
                                                     ~ Debt ^^ ( in certain case only)
                                                     ~ Car oil
                                                     ~ Touch n Go
                                                     ~ Hp topup
                                                     ~ Others

I'll go through one by one yaa...

~ Savings

the most important things eva....I should at least spare 10% from my salary...and it's recommended to all out there....rules and regulation of this savings is...DON'T EVER DARE TO TOUCH THEM!!!!!!! should kept away your hands and kept your saving in different bank account...for me..I used bank account that I seldom use it.......hehe~...

Well..just's kinda of investment you know...because without noticing the amount will raise up in each month...but it took time to make you to become a billionaire.. ~~ be patience..................................................

~Car LOan / House Loan

But you can’t really think of your car as an asset because it ONLY depreciates in value.  A home or other property will gain value over time, so that you can make money when you sell it   But a car is more like a tool.

I think this kind of payment must be burden to everyone...isn't..???.whether it's house loan or car will takes half of our life to pay them all...except for those who are really super-duper billionaire...^^~ and for my case..I'm loaning my car with my dad ...but although  we're blood-related...but is still a loan...

For the first couple year of working...I'll prefer to buy a house rather than a car...because of the value of a house will increase year by year..and it's definitely vice versa with the cars value...and thus...I'd bought 2nd hand- used car only..^^~..for me I really can't afford to buy new car as the price is really scary....I can't handle a car worth RM50 000 with my small amount of salary and high-cost living...~ if you pay less each month , then you have to pay in 9 or 10 year starting from your valid agreement...~

Same things goes if you gonna buy a house..It will take at least 30 years of your life to pay them all.......and that's the reason why you should buy a house first..because it will took such long time until you complete the loan...and it's much more worth than buying a car....because you not gonna sleep in a car isn't.......??? ^^~ ..

*click this link and calculate your monthly loan*

How to Save Money When Purchasing a Car
Posted by, James  Gray

One of the best ways to save money when purchasing a vehicle is to pay cash for it. If you pay cash for a car, you do not pay interest rates, which can save you a lot of money over the years. Paying cash for your car can be difficult if you want a new car, unless you have been saving up for some time or if you have a vehicle you want to sell. If you sell a vehicle, and it’s newer, you may have enough to purchase your car with some combined savings. Always try to sell your car yourself — unless the car is old and has a lot of miles on it, you will make more than the dealer will give you on a trade.
You can also save money on a car by buying a newer, used vehicle. Check with dealerships and used car dealerships. Sometimes you might find an expensive vehicle with low miles for a decent price. For example, if you want to purchase a $40,000 SUV, look for one that is a few years old with less than 50,000 miles on it. You could save over $20,000, depending on the brand.

Check auctions, especially police auctions. If you watch the auctions, sometimes you can get a good deal on a vehicle that is in excellent condition and runs well. You may even be able to get an upgrade to the vehicle you were going to purchase.

~ Car Maintenance 

What..???? A car should provide some of your money for your case you need to change your tyre..your oil...and some services to the needs lots of money maaa...things that unfortunately happen...and you can't use your savings.......remember!!!...and will cost you a lots..especially for cars lover....weeeee~..just like me..hihi..

~ Household

Buy and pick from shopping list only!!!....Prepare your shopping list with full-stomach..I mean...if you're hungry...then, I bet lots of food and junk food will be included in the shopping list...Aware of things you just don't needed...Knows your needs and wants..and you'll be able to save your money...^^ kyaaa..Get a limit on your household budget too..adn don't forget to survey the prices.....the lower the better...but it's preferable if the price and quality is equal...^^~

~ Debt

Ohh goshh....Don't make too much debt..or you'll be soo frust with them...><..make limit within a month....and make a rule for you to make a debt...I mean..something that you urgently needed and it's your need...not what you want....Think twice before making a debt!!!!!

~ Car oil

~ Touch n Go
~ Hp topup

Toll payment and your handphone credit....make a limit to them...the most saving way to save up your money are...chatting through internet....and also sharing a car in one-way direction...^^~

 ~ Others 

For me...others (money) is use for your own money pocket , shopping, saving, investment and all things besides the things that I've listed above...but make sure you didn't overuse this money because usually this money is in small amount only...I mean..this money is the remain money from your salary and other things in the list...^^ careful don't overrun..

^^~ well..that's all...and besides this thing..I also prefer to kept receipt to make sure I'm still in the right track...kyaa...that all for's just my point of view...and I'll be glad if other bloggers can share your own opinion..

last but not least.....don't get bankrupt in our very young age....~


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