Saturday, 21 August 2010

Our RESEARCH Assignment ;)

Salam..dear my beloved friends...hihi.. ;)
Ila Yat Anis Nurul

 1.How to open and download literature review from library PPukm database..???

Open the library page by clicking on this link
Then..login your ID and password at the section on your right...
Use your matriks no. as ur ID and your own password
Taraaa... ;) now u have login your account.....

2.I don't know how to review the articles??????

Hahahaha.....well relax...just scroll your page downwards ...then you'll see lots of link database....
then click on 
SAGE journals on9 , or , or
Humana Press Journals , or
Oxford Journals 

Guna ID & Password GEMILANG

And yes...u have to use the ID and password provided below the link
or otherwise use your own ID and password( just like while you're login your lib PPukm account)


E.g : SAGE journals

if it is written that the article is free..then clik the FULL TEXT(pdf) link ..
after that just click the save button at the left upper quadrant to save the article..
ala...yang gmbr disket tu..

TU je...simple kan...
Test la ek...Go Go Hwaitng..

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