Wednesday, 11 August 2010

NICU ppukm ;)

Assalamualaikum... and also 안영하세요... ;)

Today is the 11th August , equal to, 1st day of Ramadhan....May all of us can gain lots of pahala during this is also for our benefits and also..don't forget about our next journey....Barzakh... 

3rd day clinical posting in NICU - Neonatal Ward -..1st time and 1st experience for me giving a twins (the 2nd son from a married couple) feeding through ryles i'm very excited...can't describe it..hihihihih =B ...this little baby boy was delivered on 7 August 2010..( if I'm not mistaken)..with birth weight about 1.46kg..and he is a very active baby because he likes to kick our left hand while feeding him..hihihi..( he was placed in the incubator because of prem - 30 weeks)...exciting experience but sometimes I felt a little bit worried .....because we ( Me, Cik Farahim, Mr Amir) need to spent at least 45 to 60 minutes to feed him...Hypothesis : The longer time we need to feed him , the feel of worried getting more worse...minute by minutes...hohohoho...but somehow I day I also must trust to the nurses whose taking care of my baby..kikikikikikikiki... =)) ...ok lah...bye bye..hehehe....need to go My Girl drama was playing at Dewi's computer now...hehehe...

anyong ;)

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