Wednesday, 28 July 2010

OO my..boring..사람

안영 ..Assalamualaikum W.b.t..

Butterfly..hehe...yup..I like butterflies..and I like  Shinee - Ring ding Dong lyrics...because it mention -BUTTERFLY - is almost 3 weeks since the new semester begun..and now I was posting in Paed 3..Afterwards I'll posting in Paed 4, Nicu , Paed 1 and Tengku Budriah ( House for homeless kids)....for the 1st 1 week posting in paed..hmmm...I thought posting in paed ward will give me some idea or something for my future carrier...hohohoho...but maybe Paed wards will be the last ward I should consider in my request list( = place i'll request for work in future) ..hahaha..Paed extremely boring...yes..I agree with Farahim's in Paed 3...I only take and chart their vital sign..doing bed making every them doing  their own activities by him/herself or with their parents..and the most important thing is...hahaha...we always chatting and laughing and read ticket..when we're free...but the fact is...we always have a lot of free time...and boring symptoms suddenly appear after we had finished our morning task..bed making... =0 ....hohoho...and that would be a routine if we continuously doing that boring things everyday...aiseyman....

Because of too boring..I make this by my selves..

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