Tuesday, 9 July 2013

I'm Married!!~ ^^


just gonna upload several things as requested by already known - SA (secret admirer) .....hahaha..and as you told me to do so........zawjy @ chagiyaa

the 1st pic ever in my Go's..
the student
during exam fever

Post Despicable Me 2 and dinner at Secret Recipe...
overall its a.k.a dating
ur dimple is daebak!!

big boss a.k.a my zawj ;p

meatballs IKEA lovers

 was on his way for Makan-Makan

Happily ever after InsyaAllah
Despicable Me2 is daebak alsoo......!! =D

in love red fox

I'd keep ur identity from others nearly a year...and now I wouldn't think to keep you away ever again
You will always be in my maeum...

P/s : assignment : zawjy, do find "maeum" in korean dictionary...hehehe
btw...i'm working on night shift tonight....do accompany my hydrocephalus ye... =B