Wednesday, 22 February 2012

ChibiTopia ~

Assalam n Hi chingu ya~...

It's been 2 month...........lots of thing happened within these 2 month...
And it's been nearly 7 month I'm working....Hopefully I can return to workplace where I belong..^^~..

I'm now officially a part time bussinesslady..
I mean I'm doing some art for sell ..and I named my online stall as  "ChibiTopia" 

For those whose interested to buy Chibi = small figurine ...... click on the link below...^^~

Preview pics:

Pororo and friends ~ ^^
HaeTeuk for ELFs

Key Shinee for Shawols ^^

Currently I'm crafting Smurf and Smurfette ..was planing to craft SUPER JUNIOR chibis and it's for sell....

DO visit often for offers and discount ^^~

P/s: Amateur bussinesslady!!!~

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