Sunday, 26 June 2011

Ohh Transnasional bus...*Sucks*


hohoho...I've lots of thing to be shared in my blog...but...nowdays..I'm tooooo lazy to update things in either blog, tweet nor fb...hohohoho.....And no wonder why I'm gaining lots since these days...kakkakaka...^^

Haaaa..about the title above...I'm really ..oohh..not a fan of Trans bus...but I'm really a fan of KKKL..but of course..not a fan of their driver...~

And today...Would like to share some interesting yet sucks experience...and it's all about TRANSNASIONAL BUS...

My sister and I went to Melaka Central today to accompany my cousins from Bangi to buy bus tickets....they need to get home today...before Maghrib lah kann...^^...So...because of their first time taking bus from they didn't know much about buses heading to their we're suggesting KKKL bus for their ride....btw..KKKL is quite comfortable ape...but I know..Saudi Airlines still are much better..kekkee...;) (my little cousin just come back from performing umrah)..hehe...he rode airbus and now he's comparing with the land bus...hahhahaha..

and the issue began when my cousins holding their Happy Meals ( McD's Meal ) on their hand laa...and by that time they're heading to the bus driver to gave the tickets...and what happened is..the bus driver...without polite words asking them to kept the meal anywhere...and humiliating them...!!!!!!!!...really I'm veryyyy MAD at him..realllyyyy MADDD..why other passengers can bring their foods inside the bus and my cousins CAN'T...Is't because we wear our HIJAB properly...Is't because of THAT?????? wonder why he's only able to work as a bus driver!!!!!!!! MANNERS at ALL...and BUS DRIVER...your grave life is heading to you now ya know.....SMOKERSSS....**

That's all guys..I'm just complaining about the driver bus and the Haprak bus...hahaha....Just...very ANgry rite now....

Yup..not all of the bus driver are like that..but MOST of them are really like that...I'm pretty sure..!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Fuhhh… 리 앟줐이 진짜!! >,> then, what did you guys do after he did like that? Is he Malaysian?? I’m pretty sure that we have manners, but he is of them who make others see us that we’re the worst.. If u like bus ‘gagap’, I like Durian Burung ^^ DURIAN BURUNG also has the best services (err…I think…hehe) ^,- but I don’t know how about their management now, since it has been a long time I used their services.

  2. ^^hahha...gagap bus..haha...KKKl laa...^^...
    cinja...!!...poor them alg.. I like durian tooo.....superb fruits evaa...hahaha..I think Durian burung only heading to north area....that's y I'm not so sure with the Durian Burung..kekekkee

  3. i never like dat trans bus.. the driver is muslim and being bias to a muslim woman makes me think that how low standard is the trans bus driver..not all but for the fat smokers which yell to the cousin...

  4. Yea, totally agreed with you. Transnasinal bus really sucks! drivers with lousy attitude and bus are not clean. sits are not in good conditions but they don't bother to fix it. sometimes switch bus in the middle of the way cos some buses are not licensed so can't enter Singapore.when something happened to the bus or need to switch bus, they didn't not informed the passengers properly and state the reasons.all the want is money. that's the only bus provide services to kuantan bus terminals so many passengers were left with no much choices and have to bear with all this craps.there's many times when they issued the wrong tickets and seat numbers yet didn't apologies and demand for more money if u want to board the bus smoothly. Malaysia is really very very super corrupted, no offence. what to do...if only there's a better bus services company and take over that crappy company...sorry if i disturb u.

  5. I bought a return ticket from KL to Penang from Transnational express bus company, and they have turned my trip into a nightmare. The bus was supposed to take off from Duta bus terminal at 5.45pm on 19th August 2011 , but it was 45 minutes late. The worse thing was : 10 minutes after that, water from the leaking aircond system poured on me, and both my body and seat were wet. I complained to the co-driver in uniform directly, and he didn't even want to stand up and provide any help. Please look at the video and see how bad his attitude was. I had no choice and called Transnational's hotline, and guess what? The Malay lady who answered my phone simply asked me to cover the leaking part with curtain, and put a plastic bag on my seat since there was no more empty seat ! No apology, no assistance, I was wet and cold during the 5 hours journey.

    After I finished my assignment in Penang on 20th, I rushed to Sungai Nibong bus terminal to catch the 11pm bus to KL. When I reached there at 11.03pm, the staff at ticketing counter told me that the bus already left because it arrived earlier that night. It seems that Transnational's drivers can decide the schedule based on their personal preferences.

    Initially I thought that big companies like Transnasional would provide better service, but it has been proven that I was totally wrong. With this kind of lousy and irresponsible service, I think everyone should boycott this company.

  6. i had multiple experiences with trans.
    first, i took 930pm ticket kelantan at night. the bus left on time.that was good, but in the morning, when the bus had to stop for subuh prayer, the bus driver go all the way to kuala terengganu, instead of stop at multiple masjids along the road to kota bharu. to this day, i dont understand why does the bus had to go all the way to terengganu for subuh prayer. i was supposed to arrive at 6am, but instead, i got home at 9am.
    second experience. my sis took the night bus to melaka. same thing happen, when the bus stop for morning prayer at masjid kuala tanah. the bus driver or his assistant didnt even check or count the number of passengers in the bus. so, my sis was left behind, and had to take couple of busses to get back to melaka sentral and claim her bags.